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How to whitelist mobile app?

Hi, I’m developing mobile applications for a live streaming service. They already have a web service and only allow their domain to stream content, and they want to know what is the domain of my apps. As far as I know mobile apps have no domain, but they have Bundle ID, is that the same thing?


The bundle ID won’t be sent with playback requests. What they are looking to do is to whitelist playback for security purposes and since each client will likely be a wide variety of IP’s this won’t be an option. You might find out how they are implementing this security as they may need some custom implementation to whitelist your player that resides in your app (possibly add a token or query string parameter). Alternatively, if you are embedding a UIWebview in your app that loads the player from a domain, they could use the referer module to do this as well (and that would be the domain you’d give them).