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How to write a custom event and a custom event listener in Wowza


I am extending Wowza to meet a custom use-case. I have used server modules. event listeners and HTTPProviders to meet our requirements. I had couple of questions which I wanted to ask the Wowza Developer team.

How to write a custom event :
let’s say that I want to create an event which is triggered anytime a packet loss is detected in the stream (onPacketLoss) or an event which is triggered when a VideoOnly stream is detected (onVideoOnlyStream). How do I write these custom events in Wowza ?

How to write a custom event listener
Consider the IMediaStreamActionNotify3 event listener, it listens for stream events such as
onPlay, onPublish,onCodecInfoAudio etc. How do I extend this event listener to create a IMediaStreamActionNotify3Custom which will also listen for custom stream events also such as onPacketLoss and onVideoOnlyStream ?

Alok Kumar

Hello @Alok_Kumar2m these are great questions and the Wowza technical support team would be happy to answer them for you. They do not visit the community forum on a regular basis so the best way to get direct answers and code samples from the Wowza engineers is in a support ticket. They will work directly with you to customize your event listeners.

You can submit one here and I wish you great success!