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how use the webrtc to ios12 chrome?

On iOS11, webrtc was used to stream chrome connections. However, after the iOS 12 upgrade, Chrome will not stream. Is there a workaround? Of course, safari opens without problems. But I would like to see the stream in Chrome. Thank you. Thank you

Hello @HOU O YOUNG, can you provide a few more details of your workflow in Wowza Streaming Engine so we can can assist you? Were you using your native camera to stream and are you doing any transcoding for delivery?


Yes, that’s right. I have tried all the codecs that can be configured in Woozer transcoding, but it is not.

Everything worked well with iOS 11, but since it has been changed to 12, it has not been in Chrome at all.

Ok @HOU O YOUNG, can you kindly submit a support ticket and we’ll take a look with you to see if we can help.