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How use to blackmagic web presenter

Hi, does anyone know how to activate a sream via blackmagic web controller? On the site it is possible, but I can’t find the voice to use Wowza. I only find facebook, youtobe, twitch, and twitter.

Hello @paul_emmegi I don’t have anything official to share with you from Wowza docs, but I did find this tutorial on You Tube where they show how they use the blackmagic device with Streaming Engine if that’s what you’re looking for. He shows how to set it up with Engine Manager.

Hope it points you in the right direction!

Hi I watched the video but it doesn’t explain how to program xml for wowza on Blackmagic web presenter

So the Blackmagic web presenter is basically an RTMP encoder and you would follow the steps to connect an RTMP source.
(There is a default live application set up already in XML for testing though.) You could create a new streaming application in the UI or in the xml but to actually connect and start and RTMP stream, you would need to do that step in either the UI or the REST API.

Create a streaming application in the xml:

Connect RTMP encoder in the UI:

Connect an RTMP encoder in the REST API:

I would encourage you to test it in the UI first to make sure you have the Blackmagic encoder settings correct to send the stream to Engine.

To connect an RTMP-based source to Wowza Streaming Engine and publish a live stream, complete the following steps.

  1. In your encoder software, enter the following application connection settings:
  • Server URL – rtmp://[ wowza-ip-address ]:[ port ]/[ application-name ]
  • Stream Name – Any unique name to identify the stream.
  • User – [ source-user-name ]
  • password – [ source-password ]Depending on your encoder, you may need to enter this information in the following format instead:rtmp://[ source-user-name ]:[ source-password ]@[ wowza-ip-address ]:[ port ]/[ application-name ]


  • You can find the IP address ( Host - Server ) and port ( Host - Port ) of the Wowza Streaming Engine instance in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager under Application Connection Settings from the Home page or the Sources (Live) page for your application. The default streaming port for RTMP is 1935.

  • See the *documentation for your Blackmagic web presenter source encoder for help configuring it.

We have and use the BlackMagic Web Presenter. All it really does and is used for is to convert SDI or HDMI signal to USB, so you can plug it in easily to a laptop/computer and have it as a video source. We use ours to switch between 2 cameras (1 is SDI and the other is HDMI). We then plug the BlackMagic into a laptop and use OBS as our encoding software. We can easily add it as a Video Capture device in OBS to use.
Hope That Helps.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!