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How would I include live streaming in my website?

Hi there,

I have a website which is all about rapping music industry. What I need is to integrate live streaming feature. So whenever I post about live events for example grunge is dead tee, OR Rockradio type websites, user will be able to see live streaming on my website

Someone told me You will need a device or software to encode a video signal (there are dozens of these), and then some server software to take the incoming stream and deliver it to a player that you embed on your website.

Any genuine suggestion?

Hello there! I’m sorry nobody ever answered this for you. I’m happy to help!

We can do this easily in streaming cloud and would provide you with the player to embed into your webpage.

As far as the rappers you want to stream and encoders, it would depend on what they are using for a camera source. Some live event cameras have built in encoders. If they are using the camera on desktop, laptop or tablet. you can use free OBS to send the stream to Wowza.

If it’s a smartphone, there are SDKS that have built in encoder or you could purchase a 3rd party one. BUT! There are also encoder apps you could download on the phone.

You could tale a look at this one though.