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How Wowza WebRTC Stream Played in iOS Safari Browser

Follow the instructions,

PC, Androidto played well, in Chrome.
But in iOS Safari / Chrome Can’t work.

I want to play Wowza WebRTC stream on the iOS browser.

Have someone any idea or example that can help me achieve this? Very grateful.

Hello @YUAN-CHUN CHEN, at this time, Wowza does not support WebRTC workflows for mobile. It has to do with the websocket connections working with the mobile browser and we have an internal ticket for this. I do not have a time when this will be supported.

With Wowza Streaming Engine, you can ingest and play WebRTC streams with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on the desktop. At this time, Wowza Streaming Engine doesn’t support ingest or playback of WebRTC streams on mobile platforms or in a live repeater (origin/edge) configuration.