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howto test loadbalance addon

hi wowza team

i follow wowza Dynamic load balace addon guide to config a simple loadbacing system

one machine is client and server loadbalanceType

one machine is client loadbalance Type

i config loadbalance with Connection and BandWidth limit and i can see two client connected to Server by link http://loadbalancer:1935/loadbalanceinfo.

when i use many vlc to connect loadbalancer (vlc http:/loabalancer:1935/vod/mp4:sample.mp4/manifest.mpd) but no redirection is made from loadbalancer.

Can you show me howto test wowza loadbalancing system

The only way to walk you through this is through our official technical support and in a support ticket which you can do here:

The engineers assigned to your ticket can view and test your config. Thank you.