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HTML5 video.js or dash.js URL to chrome player

Since Google is killing flash off at the end of this month (dec 2020)
we need to move away from our flash based player to an HTML5 player.

Is it possible to play VOD or Live application streams from the wowza server to windows Chrome clients?
I have tried video.js and dash.js and they both play files from web servers but I can not get it to play from the on-site Wowza server. I am hoping I just do not have the URL correct
I have tried many variations but the video source is

I hope someone can help or it just might be the end of our Wowza server.

Thank you


search hls: :slightly_smiling_face:

For HLS, you must add a reference to the playlist in the URL;

For MPEG-DASH, you need a reference to the manifest like this:

Like @Dorota_Szafer-Kwasik says; for Video.js you need a plug-in. But the videojs-contrib-hls is deprecated and replaced by

Other players that you can test with:

There are lots of commercial players as well (THEOplayer, JWplayer, Bitmovin, etc.) so pick the one that meets your requirements.

I also recommend to read the documentation at