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HTML5 Video Player Image preroll and postroll w/ links?

Does anyone know how to do the video configuration object that you could do with Flash but with an HTML5 player or if its even possible? Where the configuration was a JSON object that is fed to the player when it loads? Can that still be done? Thanks in advance.
“overlay”:{“url”:"",“duration”:0,“transparency”:,“size”:,“start”:0,“position”:“top left”},

This depends on which player you’re using. Many players (like JWPlayer, THEOplayer) support pre-roll (typically for Ads), overlay, etc. via their proprietary SDK. It’s possible to implement it with JavaScript and the HTML5 <video> tag, but that’s a lot of work.

Thanks! Before we migrated to WSE we were using AMS and the OSMF player. At present we are simply using the HTML5 video object, it works fine, but does not give any bells and whistles. We need a feature-rich player that can be deployed on a closed network without the need to call home. Do you have a favorite? Open source would be great but its not a requirement.

Yes, I have a favorite, but I don’t find it fair to mention a single one here and forget about others that are competitive, in my opinion. So here are a few players worth looking into. As usual, the advantages of Commercial vs Free/Open-Source are better features, better customer support, better support for the player on different devices and OSes, etc.



  • THEOplayer
  • Bitmovin
  • FlowPlayer
  • JWPlayer
  • And probably a whole lot more, but these 4 are the most used ones.