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HTTP Cache-Control in Streaming Cloud

I have set up a HLS stream in the streaming cloud.

When I play it, I can see the caching header is set to:

Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache, no-store

I would like to allow a proxy to cache the content, how do I allow this?

Sincerely, Ludvig

Hello Ludvig,

At this time, the Wowza CDN is not configured to allow caching. Strictly live playback. In the near future, we may have an alternative for you. I do not have a finite timeframe currently.

Can you provide us more details on the workflow and how you would intend to use this caching option? I would like to provide your use case and feedback to the Product team for review and follow up with you.


Mac Hill
Sr. Manager
Wowza Customer Support

Hi Mac

In our case, we are looking at streaming a TV channel to screens in a train over 4G. This would involve a stream around 5Mbit to be shown on 18 screens in a train. To be able to do this, we would need the content to be cached in the webcache, so we only need to use ~5Mbit on the 4G, not 18x5.

Sincerely, Ludvig