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HTTP source streaming problem

Hello, I´m a newbie in wowza and I´m loosing my head trying to transcode an HTTP stream.

My courrent scenario is:

  • I have a SAT>IP converter that brings me all channels in MPEG2 format in a http stream like,500,501,502

  • I created a live http source application, I added this URL on the stream files section and connected to my application and I can see it on the incoming steams as active, also the transcoded streams are active like I’m showing on the attached images.

  • When I try to view any of the streams on the Test Players It doesn´t play anything.

I´m missing any step on my configuration?

Thanks in advantage for your help and sorry about my english.


Would you mind posting a screenshot of your test player attempting to play the stream?

Have you verified that the stream PIDs are correct?

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Wowza does not support the ingest of video via HTTP. If the source supports it, you can change the .stream file to use UDP.

You can find more information on what protocols are supported by checking our specifications page.


Here you have :slight_smile:

URL and PIDs are correct, In VLC I can view the original stream