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HTTP stream to Huawei Android Mobile Phone

Hi all,

Having some issues at the moment with HTTP streaming.

We are using:

http streaming



@ 200kbps

Which has been encoded by It creates 3 formats: 1. Mobile 2. Medium 3. High. The mobile is being streamed to the app. We use the Android Media Player to play the files.

At the moment, any content which is longer than 20 minutes is stopped on the app. It can vary, so for example for a 30 minute file the video will stop at 17 minutes, or 18 minutes. There has been no mathmatical pattern across various videos. However, it is never in the first 1-10 minutes in the video.

We have a Dashboard, where we can Preview the medium and high version, not the mobile. We are only going by these versions that the mobile has encoded successfully and’s Finished notification.

Here is a note from our app team:


I have tried setting different encoding settings in to only

slight improvements and with Wowza I have tried different configuration

settings on their server for the wowza app that streams the content, to

help audio/video lag and dropped frames but again to no avail.

For Wowza/Encoding – mobile settings

Mobile **/

$formatNode = $req->addChild(‘format’);



$formatNode->addChild(‘output’, ‘mp4’);











$formatNode->addChild(‘bitrate’, ‘200k’);

$formatNode->addChild(‘cbr’, ‘yes’);





$formatNode->addChild(‘profile’, ‘baseline’);

$formatNode->addChild(‘size’, ‘0x160’);

Thanks guys

We recommend RTSP streaming to Android because of these kind of reports. Have you tested these streams in RTMP or other clients? Is there any similar behavior?

Have you tried the Wowza Transcoder?


Hi Richard,

We are currently using http streaming for On Device viewing. We were originally using RTSP, but this produce ghosting and audio, video lag.

We are not live streaming, this is for on demand content already encoded, so we used rather than the Wowza Transcoder.