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HTTPLiveStreamRecord stopped working when we updated to 4.8 to 4.8.16


We have been using HTTPLiveStreamRecord in our applications, but when we upgraded to 4.8.16 our http requests are now receiving 404 not found responses.

Is this product still supported?


Yes that module is still supported. There have been some breaking changes though since 4.8. Do you truly mean version 4.8.0? There have been several versions since and something may have broken that was a required change in one of the other versions after 4.8 that would affect all future versions through 4.8.16.

Have you made the proper updates based on breaking changes in more recent updates? I would click on Breaking Changes for 4.8.5 and in particular @Nathan_Rohn1

You can certainly send us a support ticket to have us quickly find the issue since our software tools may flag it more easily than you trying to find the breaking change yourself. We’re happy to help and see what happened!


Release notes mention using customized .jar file if we still plan to use HTTPLiveStreamRecord - which we do. Where can we get the file exactly?


According to the 4.8.5 release notes under breaking changes:

“A compiled jar file with a customized version of the removed Live Stream Record HTTP provider is available with instructions from Wowza support.”

How does one get access to this .jar. We use the HTTPLiveStreamRecord HTTP provider to trigger recordings and since updating from 4.8.0 to 4.8.17 we can no longer do so. I’d like to avoid rewriting our recording logic if possible.

Also is there any security risk in using this customized version fo HTTPLiveStreamRecord?