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HTTPResponse Wowza IDE

In Wowza IDE I use a request that takes the streamName to the URL and gets a license key in the response. I would like to get this key which is in JSON format and use it in DRM encryption. I know that I can use IHTTPResponse but I don’t know how to use it to get a response that I will convert to a string and use to set in cencInfo. This is my code:

String post_data = streamName;

Gson gson = new Gson();

String jsonString = gson.toJson(post_data);

System. out .println(jsonString);

String server_url = “my_url”;

HTTPUtils. HTTPRequestToByteArray (server_url, “POST”, jsonString, null );

Julia I would submit a support ticket if you don’t get an answer in here. That’s advanced code as I mentioned to you before and I don’t have any examples to share with you unfortunately. But, perhaps a wowza engineer could assist and they do not monitor the forums- only in official support tickets. I’d like to see you get some help!

You could also try our public slack channel with streaming devs from around the world. You can join here and then ask in the dev channel.