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HTTPS or rtmps with flowplayer

Hi, I’m doing a streaming that I get correctly in “Incoming Streams” by Wowza. On the other hand, I have a Flowplayer player, to which I need to connect streaming. If I use rtmp or http, the stream works correctly, but not if I use rtmps or https.

Also I have enabled streamlock following the steps of this link, adding port 443. Following also the steps for Flowplayer indicated in that link, it still does not work.

If I put the url to play through VLC it does not work either.

Is there anything I’m missing? Have I done something incorrectly? Is there a more current and simple doc or an example that can help me?

  • PD: this link is quite outdated, point 1 of the Flowplayer section leads to a link that does not exist and the html code does not match the files of the latest versions of Flowplayer.


do you have any error log from flowplayer ?

What version of flowplayer are you using ?

Is it possible to provide test link?


Is this image enough to help me?

also, with the same url but with http, work fine

image is not displayed

You can click with the right button and open in a new tab to see the enlarged image.