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Huge latency while transcoding for Facebook

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I have noticed from last 1 month, transcoding and delivering to Facebook takes anywhere between 10-25 minutes. The stream starts well with only 8-10 second delay(which is normal), but after 25-30 minutes of live stream, latency increases greatly and the Facebook Live stream lags 10-20 minutes compared to YouTube, Twitter streams. Delivery to YouTube, Twitter and other players take only around 10-12 seconds. I have multiple Wowza accounts and all the accounts are experiencing similar issues while delivering to Facebook. I have not changed any configurations in the transcoder that is setup at Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Is someone going through this situation here?


Are you only experiencing this with transcoded streams?

You may want to verify the source stream encoder is configured with proper keyframe intervals. See the following guide for more information on our suggested settings. This article is written for Wowza Streaming Cloud but pertains to Wowza Streaming Engine sources as well:

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