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I am having trouble getting my live stream played in the test player

Hi, I’m new to Wowza and I think I would be using this as one of my main sources.

I am having problem with the test player.

My stream is coming in as I can see from the monitoring and incoming streams also used VLC to verify the stream is live.

For some reason I cannot play the test player to view my live stream. Can I know what I’m doing wrong?

Please help! Thank you!

When you say test player, which one are you using? And in which browser? Make sure you hit the play button and see if you get an error so we can help you further.

I’m using both, stream cloud and stream engine…

Stream cloud only works with GoCoder which I really don’t not want to use as of right now, not sure how comes it can’t connect with my telestream/wire cast but when I check stream engine you can see the incoming streams, but can’t get a live feed on my webpage with wirecast.

With Stream engine I can go live as well but I can’t play it in the player, it shows up in VLC but cannot play in the player…

I’m using wirecast/Telestream as well to push my live stream out to Wowza so I can embed on my webpage.

I can see the stream in my incoming stream and my monitoring…

Just don’t know which step I’m missing to embed my live stream on my webpage…

I’m not pushing it out to Facebook or YouTube, just want my own live feed on my webpage…

I’m using the test player in stream engine when I first signed up, I got familiar with it and got to stream live with telestream/wirecast. I can view with the monitoring and incoming streams that’s coming in, I put the links in VLC and it works, so I’m assuming the links are working, but for some reason I can’t view my stream on my webpage. I’m using chrome, even tho I installed adobe flash, it still tell me to install even with microsoft silver I installed it and it just keep telling me to install it. So instead I use VLC which works. I pasted the embedded code and it just a black screen.

@Damian Emile From what I understand your Wowza and Wirecast configuration seems alright. The problem is occurring with your player. Can I know which player are you using? For example, is it PlayerJS, or JW Player, or Able Player, etc. Also, what is your website build on? For instance WordPress, or PHP, etc.

You can also try reading the article by Wowza on their players (you will need to browse around though):

my website is build on WordPress… it stated, stream unavailable check origin policy so I think the problem is the http address not being https, not sure if that’s the problem, but I’m assuming… When I look around I came up with that assumption because of this article

Can you verify if this is my problem. Thanks.

@Damian Emile I saw in your post that you installed flash, I would recommend you not to do that since flash is an outdated technology. You can read more here. I was surprised that your player required flash and it still did not play. What is your use case? I am trying to rule out possibilities here. So far it looks like a player problem.

This certainly seems like the issue you are facing. Have you followed the steps outlined?

what do you mean by, “what is your use case” ? I was trying to obtain a streamlock/SSL, to rule everything out, but it won’t let me me add an SSL… I know everything stream, it just can’t be read.

Hi @Damian Emile, welcome to Wowza! I can help you, but I’ll need some clarity on your use case. What we mean by “use case” is the workflow from camera source to playback and any relevant details for troubleshooting.

What are you using as a camera source? What is the streaming protocol you are using to send the stream to Wowza and are you transcoding it all for playback to use in the test player? The browser requires https and that SSL certificate, so let’s nail down some basics first.

You have mentioned GoCoder, Cloud and Engine and these all have very different restrictions. I look forward to your detailed response so I can help you. Thanks.

I’m using telestream/wirecast and I use an rtmp to stream. Not sure if this is the answer your looking for when you say “use case”.

I wasn’t able to figure out how to live stream, but I know how now. On stream cloud it gives me an https with and address which I put into the wowza player from stream engine. With stream engine it doesn’t provide the https instead it gives an http with ip address. I would like to know if I was able to add the https with ip address in stream if that would work, which is the SSL.

I know there’s a difference between the stream cloud and stream engine. Not sure if both is needed? Can you please clarify the difference on the charges? Thanks.

Hello @Damian Emile, that’s exactly correct what you were able to figure out. If you open a player in a https browser then it requires an https stream meaning exactly what you said: it requires the SSL certificate. This will be true for both Engine and Cloud. You cannot play an http stream in an https browser, it will throw what is called a cross origin error.

You can open an http stream in some of the test players or in app that isn’t running the stream through a browser.

You can run a stream from Wirecast to either Cloud or Engine- both will accept an RTMP stream, but to play it over HTTPS in a player, both require the SSL. The httpsPort number must be different from the httpPort number (8080). For example, in this doc, set the httpsPort number to 8090.

The easiest way to get an SSL certificate is Wowza’s Streamlock and then you will need to configure an SSL port.

The difference in price comes down to how much bandwidth you will need, will you be transcoding the streams and things of that nature. Cloud can charge you for all the processing, but it is easy to get the stream distributed. Engine will allow you to download the server and do a lot of the packaging/processing of the stream yourself, but requires a bit more work on your end.

Here is a Cloud price calculator for you, but to get more of an idea which pricing plan is right for how you need to stream, get a free consultation at where they will guide you.

Everything is great now. I’m up and running. I officially got stream engine. Now have to figure out server size. Thanks.

Hello, I got everything to work now, it just wont stream on mobile, it works on desktop but for some reason I’m not able to get my stream onto the mobile device with stream engine.

This is great to hear!!! :slight_smile:

Just so you know I did run into a problem, I cannot use stream engine to live stream on mobile device for some reason. On stream cloud I can stream on the desktop and also on mobile.

What procedure do I need to take to view live stream on mobile with stream engine.

No worries, I can help. To play it on mobile, you will need the streaming protocol to be HLS which plays on both Android and iOS phones. Now by default in Engine, you should have HLS enabled as playback.

So let me get you the docs on how to play HLS streams. One moment…

This is what I have selected by default already. I haven’t changed any default settings at all.

You can test the stream in test player for MPEG-DASH if your browser doesn’t support the HLS test player. You can also launch the Wowza Player to test it. You should have gotten a player key in your wowza welcome email. If you didn’t then you can email and get it.

If you can’t get it to run on mobile, try this sample HLS test and see if that works. Let me know how it goes!