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I am having trouble getting my live stream played in the test player

It works in the test player, it works on my website, it just not working on mobile…

Do you know if I have to enabled any of these or keep this to default?

I need to answer down here @Damian Emile so we don’t make the green accepted answer too long, There may be settings that you need to change for the phone to be able to stream it. This can happen if the bitrate is too high or the video chunks are too big, the phone can only support so much.

For mobile streaming, it’s best to encode streams using a low bitrate, frame rate, and low encoding complexity. A total bitrate of between 64Kbps and 250Kbps is best. Many mobile devices may not be able to handle a full 30 frames per second (fps). A frame rate between 15fps and 24fps may be best for mobile. It’s best to encode to a lower H.264 complexity. Most mobile devices only support H.264 Baseline profile.

In stream cloud everything works great on desktop and mobile.

But in stream engine, I guess I have to tweak more things for it work on mobile. How can I best fix this issue.

Hello again, I tried using the sample test HLS on the iPhone but safari couldn’t find the server.

Do I need an SSL on my ip address? Just curious. Can you please help me get my live feed on mobile.


Give this a try and if you still need help, submit a support ticket and we’ll take a look at it all to find the issue.

One more question for you though…what mobile device are you using with what version OS on that mobile device?

Hello. I tried and nothing seem to work, I did a support ticket yesterday and did receive a follow up for my concern.

I used an iPhone and Android phone and both couldn’t display in mobile. The .m3u8 is not being read on mobile thru stream engine. JW Player gives error code 224003 on iPhone and on Android phone it gives 232001.

I would like to to stream on mobile by Monday. Thanks!

Ok, I do see ticket #342839 and I will follow it to see what can be done to get this streaming by Monday. I’ll leave a note in the ticket to please work to meet your deadline. Thanks @Damian Emile.

I’m still following your ticket.

I guess when I’m pushing my stream out I’m not actually pushing it out for others to see. I’m only able to see my live stream only from my physical location and no where else. I missed a step into how to make everyone see my live stream. I set up VOD to stream live everything works perfectly, I just need to know how I can make it public for others to see, it not just mobile, I had others check my website and they couldn’t pull up my live stream from there desktop. In stream engine you can see the incoming stream for my VOD, source is unknown I’m assuming because its VOD. How can I make this a public live stream?