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I am not able to generate streamlock key and password

i am trying to setup the webrtc localy wit free trial version of wowza stream engine. To create a ssl certificate from my account (streamlock file tab) i am getting error saying Sorry, your license type is not eligible for StreamLock certificates. Please contact for assistance.

Please clear my doubt, that to use webrtc do i need to buy the streamlock certificate.
i am noob to wowza and webrtc. please give some tutorial for setting up the webrtc with wowza.

update: I got the streamlock certificate and password by logging as developer account.

But now when i try to use publish example of webrtc it gives me an error saying "WebSocket connection failed: wss://localhost.[my streamlock key] ".

i am using sdp url as :“wss://localhost.[my streamlock key]”. Is this SDP URL is correct?

I am running the Wowza streaming engine and webrtc both on the same system.

please guide me if I am doing anything wrong.

Welcome to Wowza @satyender rai, I’ll try and help.

Have you tested running a stream that in NOT WebRTC just to make sure the streamlock is working? You can do this with a sample mp4 and run it in our test players.

This way we can find out if the issue is the streamlock set up and not the WebRTC.

Also, If not already, for WebRTC, the below ports will need to be open and port forward if going across networks.

TCP: 1935, 443

Make sure you do not have firewalls blocking this ports from being open- that can throw that error.

Lastly, be sure that you have the correct IP address in the application.xml file.

everything is working fine.

i was using wrong sdp url as :"wss://localhost.[my streamlock key].


it should be “wss://[my streamlock key]”.

Thanks for your help and support