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I cant not connect to wowza engine from external stream!

I have wowza engine installed on a server; Inside that same building there are 4 pc with wirecast installed and I need to send videostream to the wowza server from wirecast. but I find a problem since I cannot connect to the server.
Could you advise me and thank you very much for all your help.

Welcome to our community @jorge_mendez1.

This could be for several different reasons from installation error to firewalls to SSL and stream configuration. Did you check the logs to see what error you see? Are you even able to run Engine and a basic test stream?

In order to assist, we would need so much more information and debugging is only done through a support ticket.

Here is a wirecast doc for you if you didn’t see it. We have a wirecast video tutorial as well (old, but same steps) and that is here on our You Tube channel.

But, I’d check your logs first and confirm you can run a test stream, either live or vod- we provide a test mp4 here.