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I down load the former gocoder sdk, still it is the bundle identifier problem here

Missing title. Missing body.

Hello @ruiojack ruiojack,

Your bundle identifier (also known as “app id”) must be entered exactly the same as how you entered it when you signed up for the free SDK license. If you can’t remember what you entered, that is ok. Just go to your welcome email from Wowza that has your GoCoder SDK license key and you will see the bundle identifier listed as the “app id” in the email.

In this example, the app id is com.yourcompany.wowza. is your bundle identifier and you have to enter that ENTIRE thing. In your ticket, I see you only entered “importnice”.

Try entering the entire that thing and that should fix it for you.

视频0.png code.kindly see attached.and help me solve it , as i registered with my account, since last time i failed registering, now i got a new problem.