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I need help to connect my 360 cameras

Good morning, I need help to connect my 360 cameras.
My sewing program asks me for a url (rtmp) address and a transmission name to send the broadcast. When I enter my rtmp (ip: port) I have to indicate the name of the connection … and I do not know what it is
I have also created a stream file to be more ideoneo my rtmp but I do not know if I enter it well after …

The fact is that I can not connect my cameras … how do I do? … What is the password or broadcast name for my rtmp?

Then I intend to do a production with the different cameras from wirecast obs or some other encoder to finally publish on YouTube.
I do not know if you also have some platform for the assembly of the final broadcast.
Thank you very much for your help … greetings

Hello @imax imax,

For configuring the name of the connection in your 360 stitching program, that would probably be something to check on with the user guide for that specific application.

Our support web site has a wealth of information about configuring encoders to connect to Wowza Engine. The general article you want to start at is here.

We also have an article that discusses in general terms how to connect an encoder for RTMP stream. You can find it here.

Regarding your question about assembly, Wowza Engine does not combine multiple stream for final broadcast, you can think of Wowza Engine as the final broadcast destination. Encoders such as Wirecast or OBS is where you can assemble the streams along with all of the other content you want in your final broadcast.


Alex C.

What’s your 360 camera?

We have try with > 4-5 camera model, it work fine. but some camera no user/pass for setup. make sure you have correct config on wowza side.

Make sure the camera is fully charged. T

he power button will flash blue when the battery level is low. Turn on Wi-Fi. You should see a blue Wi-Fi icon on the front of the camera. If you don’t see the icon, press the Wi-Fi button on the side.

Choose photo mode. You should see a blue photo camera icon on the front of the camera. If you see a video camera icon instead, switch to photo mode using the button on the side of the camera.

Make sure your phone is fully charged.

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