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I need my wowza license

I already sent about 20 tickets and emails and nobody answers me. I never get my license and I have everything offline.

I need an immediate response.
I need my wowza license, I already paid and they sent me nothing.

the only mails that arrived is the confirmation of the payment and a pdf, but nothing contains the license that I need to put in mediacp.

I did the test to buy again and now if I get the license to another account.

Now how do we do it? I want to leave only 1 license.


I’m able to see your suport and billing account inquiries, where it does appear that our teams have been attempting to fulfill your request. We do occasionally see an issue with responses from our ticketing system falling into customer spam/junk folders. Please ensure you have whitelisted the email address “” in your email account or system to avoid further delay in receiving our responses.

I will alert my colleagues that you posted here, but would ask that continued effort to resolve be done through for account inquiries and for technical support, or use this web form:

Thank you,


temporarily generate a new account and I get the license, however I want to keep the one I have in this account, because the players and others are with this account and would have to modify everything.

nothing came to me, not even spam.
They are WOWZA gentlemen, install some panel to see the responses of the tickets on their website, and the license directly on the portal, it is such a simple thing and a company like you is a shame that does not have it.

Let me check with billing for you to see where you are with communication on this. As far as having access to all your tickets and keys in one portal, we agree and that is something we are looking to implement in the near future.

Hello @inovanex inovanex,

It was great to catch up with you yesterday. It was unfortunate to hear that you were unable to receive any of the updates sent to you on the numerous tickets you placed. Those updates not only contained your purchased license but all the replies and acknowledgments to your escalation / concerns.

As Tim noted above and as we discussed please check your white list and spam folder to ensure there are no rules blocking Wowza emails from reaching your corporate inbox. I was pleased to see that our team was able to provide you with your key and update all your account information with those updates going to your personal email account.

Thank you for your feedback regarding having a “ticket view” in the customer portal. As Rose advised this is on our roadmap and there will be more to come on this in the near future.


Rob Poach

Sr. Director, Global Customer Support

Wowza Media Systems