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I need to build streaming project with wowza cluster


i need to make streaming project. as following:

we need to use wowza go coder sdk and embedded with our mobile app to allow users to stream to our Wowza streaming engine (estimated number of income streams 50 concurrent streams at same time). after new stream coming we will review and if accepted we will restream it to CDN (AWS Cloud front). and show all accepted streams on our mobile app and the user can play throw cloud front.

our workflow as following:

  1. start stream from our mobile app(using wowza gocoder sdk) stream to our wowza servers.
  2. we will develop backend server and integrate with wowza and any new stream com to wowza server, backend will display it on monitoring panel, if accepted then will restream it to our cloud front cdn.
  3. backend will display all accepted stream on our mobile apps by provide all current live stream url to mobile app.
  4. after the stream finished backend will stop the stream from the app. and any time admin can stop specific stream and delete it.

my question is:

what is best infrastructure to do this

  1. if i need to make cluster from at least two origin servers to receive income streams for load balancing and high availability , how to do this by using amazon load balancer or wowza load balancer (no need to use wowza repeter because i will use CDN) .
  2. if i used loadbalancer with cluster how i will know all current income streams throw wowza REST Api(like i should to send the rest api command to get all income streams to loadbalancer URL or to each server in the cluster).
  3. how to secure income streaming to be only throw our app and who has something like access token…

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