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I paid 6 days ago for wowza stream engine. but I didn't receive the liscense. is this normal? I couldn't see my account page

I’m still couldn’t use it. my project was broken. My engineers are tired.

I don’t understand. Did I ask rocket science?

I send email 7 times. I requested cancel my payment. No answer.

What can I do? How can you pay for this?

I don’t understand.

Per community guidelines, we are unable to discuss your private account in the forums. I have shared your information with our customer success team though to be sure they follow up with you @cho_hyunsu

I’m so sorry for my mistake. I thought that I bought Streaming Engine but I bought Cloud version. That’s why I couldn’t get the license. But I received answer after 6 days later nobody didn’t say like that.

I’m sorry again.

Don’t make mistakes like me. :sweat_smile: