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I want to convert rtmp to http protocol


I’m using wowza 3. rtmp streaming works fine. But I am now trying to stream html5 wowza player http Like I said, rtmp streaming works fine for mp4 files.

But can someone tell me how to enable http streaming?

In linux server where Wowza Media Server 3 Perpetual Edition build15532 is installed,

I checked this information

and I changed

before : cupertinostreaming,smoothstreaming

after : cupertinostreaming,smoothstreaming,sanjosestreaming

and restart

Here is my mp4 code using jwplayer source

Document test

This is my Wowza Player Embed Code(I want to use like this)

I want to use Wowza player with http protocol. Could you show me the way?

Thank you for your reading and concern. :slight_smile:


That is a very old edition from 2013 that most likely has a very long lost of security issues and outdated support. You will need to submit a support ticket to see if we can assist you without you needing to upgrade @cho hyunsu.