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I wonder how to stream to srt

I want to stream to SRT instead of RTMP and RTSP in streaming software.

I’ve used RTMP and RTSP a lot, so I’m used to it, but SRT is unfamiliar.

I’m trying to change the settings in Wowza Streaming Engine, but it’s not easy.

Do you have any examples to refer to?

Hello, I do not have a video tutorial with examples but I can share several docs and some GitHub code that may help you.

How to Ingest and Playback SRT

Distribute SRT stream through a stream target

You can configure what’s called a .stream file for SRT:

Wowza Streaming Engine can now use the MediaCaster system to re-stream the live streams. MediaCaster can pull the streams that are referenced in a stream file and make them available for streaming to all player technologies supported by Wowza Streaming Engine- including SRT.

Lastly Haivision has some SRT/ Wowza code on GitHub you may find useful…