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ICE failures in firefox on audio only WebRTC streams

Has anyone had problems with firefox encountering ICE problems when consuming audio only streams from wowza? I’m getting random switches to a disconnected state with firefox complaining about a consent refresh request timing out:

ICE(PC:1508959812641076 (id=4294967299 url= (id=4294967299 url= aLevel=0)/COMP(1): A single consent refresh request timed out.

I came across this article: , and I tried waiting for up to 60 seconds for a succesful consent refresh reponse, but it never comes and I eventually end up in a failed ICE connection state.

Anyone? It would be great if someone from Wowza support could chime in here just to let me know if this use case has been tested internally.

Bueller? Just hoping to determine if it’s a firefox issue or a wowza issue.

Hello @Jay Charles

This property might help with that:

You will need to be on Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.2+ and you will need to set the below property in


at the Application level set of properties at the end of the file:


Default is 5000 (5 seconds) and please start at 10000 (10 seconds) then increase as needed.

Save and restart your application for changes to take effect.



Thanks Jason. I’ll test and let you know how it works out.

Sorry Jason, it seems that had no effect. I don’t think the connection is going idle, I think what’s happening is that either wowza is not responding to consent refresh requests as quickly as Firefox wants it to, or the response is getting lost somehow.

I should mention that this happens only when the stream contains only an audio track. If there is a video track with the audio, or only a video track, the problem does not occur.

Any chance you can set up a quick test case on your side to see if the behavior is the same for you? Nothing special is required… just publish an audio only stream and try to play back on firefox.

I just found that the webRtcTimeout property was introduced in 4.7.2, but I’m running 4.7.1. Makes sense that the property change would have no effect. I’ll post again if the fix doesn’t work after updating.

Or, I didn’t read you previous post completely. That might have saved me some time. Thanks again Jason.