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ID3 Tags ignored in Azure stream target destination

Hi, we’re using with success ID3 tag injection in an HSL stream, and we regularly see the tags in console when using our WSE HSL address…
Apparently if we connect a stream target destination, the tags are ignored or removed. (this is an Azure target destination specifically)., Is there some knowledge base available on how to address this problem?

Thank you

This workflow seems to be the answer, but I definitely need more informations.

Does this mean that transcoding is enough to keep ID3 tags in the stream?

I asked tech support for you @Fabrizio_Ulisse and I’ll just paste what they said:

The stream target doesn’t have the ability to manipulate the stream at all so we wouldn’t be removing the metadata on our side, but if Azure doesn’t read or look for ID3 data it could be dropping it. With as specific as this is I would ask them to send in a case with their conf/ and logs/ directories for us to review what’s happening. Sounds like it could be getting stripped out from a transcode or configuration is off.

Thank you, I’ll try and contact my client to see if there’s something wrong on their side.