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Identify Outgoing Connections?

Hi - I’ve been reviewing the Wowza REST API documentation closely and I’m not seeing a way to uniquely identify outgoing connections. For example, it would be great to get the IP address of any of the viewers. Is this possible with the REST API?

When you say stats on outgoing connections, but want the IP address of viewers, I’m a bit confused, but I think you are looking for this and then you click and get the IP addresses of the viewers you may need to block or gather info on:

There is no way to do it with the REST API @Terence Darwen, but you can see them by doing:




Otherwise, you have to use a custom http header to get it. Let me know if that helps.

Hi @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager - Thank you for the replies. I think we’re on the same page here, but just to be 100% sure, maybe an example would help:

Say my Wowza Streaming Engine is running on a machine at IP/Port I have a live RTMP-based encoder streaming into my Wowza Streaming Engine. Let’s say this encoder is streaming to a Wowza application name “Foo” and the input stream “Input1”, so my live stream URL is rtmp:// This all works fine. I can see the input in the Wowza Streaming Engine.

Next, say I have two client machines on my network: One has an IP address of and the other has an IP address of On each of these client machines, I want to view the aforementioned input stream. I do this by having the clients retrieve the stream at rtsp:// This all works fine too. I can see the identical video stream on both clients.

At this point my Wowza Streaming Engine has two clients (“viewers”) receiving data from it. The IP’s of the two clients are and Is there any Wowza Streaming Engine REST API command I can use for Wowza to tell me those two IP’s ( and

Thanks in advance!