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iFrame embed codes Strobe Media Playback 2.0 HTML5 fallback does not work on .m3u8

So Strobe Media Playback 2.0 supposedly can do Flash to HTML5 fallback. It works great when using .mp4 but when I try live I can only get an HTTP HDS multi-bitrate stream to work. When I try to view on an Apple iOS device the video does not playback. Has anyone tried Strobe Media Playback 2.0 and been able to fallback to HTML5 and play a multi-bitrate stream using .m3u8?

Here’s an example of it working on the developers site: for .mp4.

Please assist, I’m so close to having a player than can playback live streams using HTTP HDS and HLS multi-bitrate; and creating the embed code using the iframe format would be the best as this seems to be becoming more prevalent.

It appears to fallback to progressive download

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
        <title>Flash/Strobe Media Playback - iframe embed sample</title>
        <h1>Flash/Strobe Media Playback - iframe embed sample</h1>
        <iframe src="embed.html?src=" class="strobemediaplayback-video-player" type="text/html" width="833" height="641">


You can look at HTTP header UserAgent in your server page (php, asp, etc) to determine what type of client a request is coming from, then send the appropriate player. So client-side failover is not necessary, and I don’t know how that would work anyway.


Did you manage to get this to work ?

Can you post sample source code ?

No I haven’t gotten it to work. It only works when I use http://:1935/live/ngrp:myStream_all/playlist.m3u8 or with http://:1935/live/ngrp:myStream_all/manifest.f4m. The only problem is I need a way to add both sources to the sample iframe code mentioned above. The idea is HTTP HDS playback first and then fallback to HTTP HLS on iOS. Anyone know how to do this?

What I did was download the Strobe Media Playback 2.0 package. Copied and placed the embed.html, jquery.strobemediaplayback.css, StrobeMediaPlayback.swf, and jquery.strobemediaplayback.js to my web root directory. Additionally I added the swfobject.js to a lib directory and jquery-1.4.2.js to a lib/jquery directory.

On my target page to embed my video I used the sample iframe code and filled in my own source with .f4m or .m3u8. The last piece to this puzzle is to find a way to implement .f4m first and fallback to .m3u8.