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Image scattered in Wowza Player using Gocoder sdk in Android


I have create an live stream Android app using wowza cloud service with Gocoder SDK.

1)In my android app live video is scattered in slow network.I have used following code to configure my wowza player.Please provide details How to publish a video in slow network clearly without scattered?



private WOWZPlayerConfig mStreamPlayerConfig = new WOWZPlayerConfig(); mStreamPlayerConfig.setIsPlayback(true); mStreamPlayerConfig.setHostAddress(primaryServer); mStreamPlayerConfig.setApplicationName(appName); mStreamPlayerConfig.setStreamName(wowzaStreamName); mStreamPlayerConfig.setPortNumber(Integer.parseInt(hostPort)); mStreamPlayerConfig.setAudioEnabled(true); mStreamPlayerConfig.setVideoEnabled(true); mStreamPlayerConfig.setLowBandwidthScalingFactor(1.0f); mStreamPlayerConfig.setFrameBufferSizeMultiplier(0); mStreamPlayerConfig.setFrameRateLowBandwidthSkipCount(5);

final Handler handler = new Handler(); handler.postDelayed(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { // One second delay = 1000ms WOWZStatusCallback statusCallback = new StatusCallback();, statusCallback); } }, 1000);

Hello @Uma Maheswari, will you submit a support ticket? This is the only way that our tech support team can run the proper tests on your configuration. They can then provide you with the proper steps to avoid this scattering in poor network conditions.