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IMediaStream stream.getName is empty. How come?

After getting sidetracked for the last couple months trying to do things with Flash Media Server, I am finally back to using the proper tool for the job - Wowza.

I need an application that will both serve up a live stream and record it to an archive file, but without requiring the user to click the “Record” button in FMLE. Should be a really simple task. I’ve done this on a Wowza edge server, but am now trying to do so on an origin server.

In my onStreamCreate function I’ve got:

public void onStreamCreate(IMediaStream stream) {

String streamName = stream.getName();

getLogger().info("onStreamCreate: stream name is " + streamName);


When I start my FMLE encoding, my log window shows:

INFO server comment - onStreamCreate: stream name is

I’m not sure why I’m not seeing the stream name. FMLE is pushing it’s stream to rtmp:// with a stream name of dan. stream.getSrc() returns 1, and stream.getContextStr() returns cstv/definst

Any ideass why the stream name is blank?

onStreamCreate is too soon for stream name. Use StreamType liverepeater-origin-record.


For moving/renaming, take a look at :

Or for finer control:


Excellent! Thanks for that suggestion. That does indeed capture the stream just like I need.

All I need to do now is manipulate the file name the stream gets stored to. I recall having done that before in a StreamListener, so I’ll take a look at how I did that before.

I’ve got to say, doing this stuff purely in Wowza is so much simpler and straightforward than trying to do it with FMS.