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IModuleOnHTTPMPEGDashEncryption: whether this API is supports HLS streaming also, along with MPEG-DASH

API info given at below link “”, tells us that this API supports MPEG-DASH streaming but whether it supports HLS streaming also. If not is there any other API for HLS streaming.

Hello @ADITYA KASAR. I checked for you this is the link that was suggested for you and HLS streaming. Can you please confirm this is what you are looking for?

we want to integrate widevine DRM with wowza stream engine.

From your website we understood it is possible

“Wowza DRM is also compatible with Widevine and Marlin DRM platforms for MPEG-DASH content using Common Encryption (CENC).”

we just want to confirm that just like MPEG-DASH, whether the integration of Wowza stream engine with Widevine DRM will supports HLS streaming also.

I am not sure, but am happy to research this for you. I will reply shortly. Thanks.

Thanks for your patience @ADITYA KASAR. This is what the engineers would like you to know:

Test playback with encryption. Log in to the EZDRM website. In the Members Area, click Widevine DRM Player and Playback Help. This provides information about creating a test player. EZDRM is Widevine.