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Incoming RTSP to webRTC stream

Hi folks,

I have a simple question for you just to understand if I can leverage on WSE webRTC feature to play a real time stream within my application.

So, is it possible to play a WebRTC stream from a browser using an incoming WSE RTSP stream?

Basically the process should be:

mySource -> wowza rtsp -> wowza webrtc -> browser

Thanks for your attention

I also want this…

We do not support non-webRTC sources for webRTC playback.

But, it is possible @Jean Quach - the RTSP would more than likely need the audio transcoding to Opus and it would need resampling to 48k, specific transcoder configuration.

  • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox don’t support AAC audio over WebRTC. Streams with AAC audio are played as video-only.

But again, this is something you would need to explore on your own since we have not tested or offer support for that scenario. What we so offer support on can be found below. Hope this helps…