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Incoming Stream Disappears-Blank video on live stream - Cisco TCS integration

Hi all,

I have setup a new Wowza Engine 4.2.0 installation to integrate with Cisco TCS. I have followed the guides provided by Cisco to setup the live stream from TCS to Wowza.

When I start the live stream, I can see the incoming stream file, but when I try to connect to it using the test player or VLC, I just get a black screen(it says playing in the test player).

After a few minutes of this, the stream suddenly disappears, even though the application is still running and the TCS is still getting a feed from the Videoconference codec.

Any idea whats going on? Ive been browsing the forums, and have been working with the support team, but its a slow process so im trying the forums…

I have all the ports opened on the Wowza Server(80,1935,554, 0-65000) and on the TCS box(1935, 0-65000)

My Wowza box is available on the internet, whereas my TCS is behind a firewall, but I have ensured that no outgoing ports are blocked in firewall.

Does Wowza send anything back to the TCS via ports that may not be opened?

What am I missing?


When delivering a stream using RTSP streaming over UDP, besides the RTP payload data that is being delivered over UDB, the encoder is also sending RTP sender reports (RTP-SR) to the Wowza Streaming Engine. Wowza is responding to these RTP-SR with specific RTP receiver reports (RTP-RR).

If the UDP flow from the internet to your TCS encoder is blocked, the encoder does not receive these receiver reports and, most probably, is determining that there is nobody receiving the RTP flow it is sending to Wowza and is timing out the connection.


Did you fix your problem ? I have a similar issue myself. Thanks