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Incoming streaming: Active, but does not play it!

hello, dear wowza play staff.

our company using wowza streaming engine for monitoring CCTV about 3,200.

as u know,

step 1: i enter the cctv detail information (like rtsp address) at streaming files
step 2: click a incoming button, and i check that stream status of that stream files is active.
step3: and then i register at my website, but it doesnt play a cctv.

definitely cctv status is active, but it doesnt play in my website.

so can u tell me how can i solve this problem.
what should i do more something ?

Hello there @yoon_kyungsik When you say CCTV are you referring to China Central Television?

Take a look at this post and the accepted answer.

Are you able to play the stream in a test player like VLC player or JW test player? If you can, but it doesn’t play on the website, it might be a restriction in your country that we can’t control.

hello. thank u for ur immediate reply too.
but im not live in china, im live in S.KOREA(NOT NORTH, DONT WORRY)

CCTV I SAY MEANS Closed-Circuit Television, not central china television, as u know monitoring or overlook a specific place prevent to break into company private place.

CCTV vendor have a RTSP Address themselves and i played each cctv at VLC Player, and i check normaily play it, so i confirmed ip, port, and account information is right,

and at, incoming stream one of wowza menu, that cctv status is ACTIVE !

however, in my website, it doesnt play it,

so can u explain whtat can i do solve this problem. help me.

Ok thank you for the clarification, I wasn’t sure if you meant closed caption or not. CCTV is also what they call the broadcast network in China.

So have you tested the stream on the website without the captions? Does that stream work on the website without caption? That is the only way to troubleshoot. When you say “it won’t play it” do you mean the stream or the captions?

You cannot play an HTTP stream on a browser/website that requires HTTPS. Are you sure you have SSlL certificate setup correctly for HTTPS streaming?The stream will work in Wowza Engine manager, but on a website it will not, if you don’t have HTTPS. Almost all browsers require that now.

Are you meeting the requirements for caption playback and Engine?

It’s best you send a support ticket so we can fully review, it’s too hard in forums to diagnose, we just guess. For quick and accurate troubleshooting, please send a support ticket.