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Information about the wowza cloud ip

I have a camera which can only be accessed from the ips which are whitelisted under it. So to get its live stream played from the wowzacloud i will have to whitelist its ip under the camera so my question is whether or not the host ip of wowza cloud changes?
the rtsp path of the camera is like rtsp://DeviceIp//codeblue or is their any other way that i can livestream it through wowza cloud without whitelisting wowza cloud ip.
Deepak Kumar Thakur

Welcome to the community @Deepak_Thakur. I am so sorry for the delay and that you didn’t get a response. Did you get this worked out with the Cloud IP address?

Hi Deepak,

The IP address will change each time you start and stop a stream, since the underlying infrastructure is being provisioned and torn down. Are you able to put a DNS name in your allowed list? That will persist when you stop and start a stream, and if your device can resolve the name to IP, this could work. Some devices also have the ability to run small scripts, so you might be able to update the rule with scheduled or triggered job that does a DNS lookup.

Alternately, is it possible for you to push the stream via RTMP from the camera, or is an RTSP pull workflow more appropriate for your use case? (Most devices and firewalls generally allow outbound connections, but are much more stringent for inbound connections.)

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