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Information in the engine manager outdated?

In the engine manager, on the sidebar of a live application it says this:

Select the Record all incoming streams check box to record all incoming streams published to this application by an encoder. The entire duration of the published stream is recorded to a single file in the application’s streaming file directory. If the encoder starts and stops, the file is versioned with a version number and a new file is started. You can control the container format used (MP4 or FLV) by specifying a stream name prefix in the encoder. If you specify the mp4: prefix, the stream is recorded to an MP4 (QuickTime) container. An MP4 container can only record H.264, AAC, and MP3 media data. If you specify the flv: prefix, the stream is recorded to an FLV container. The FLV container is the only option if you’re recording with Flash Player.

The out of date part is bolded and underlined

I’m using Flash Player to publish streams as mp4s right now.

Further, it seems to contradict this:

With Flash 11 you can now publish h.264 video using its built-in encoder. Previous versions of Flash were limited to Sorenson Spark video. However the audio options are still limited to NellyMoser and Speex which are not supported in non-Flash clients. This article shows how to setup a Flash application to publish h.264 video and Speex audio to a Wowza Transcoder application using a template to transcode the Speex audio to AAC. The video is set to Baseline 3.

I might be misunderstanding what is meant by the “flv container being the only option with Flash Player”, but it seems to not be true.


I think you are right as to the confusion. It’s really supposed to mean "if want to record flash content, so VP6 or Sorenson Spark Video and NellyMoser Audio etc, then a FLV container is required, if they are to stay in that format.

Some re-wording definitely is required. Thanks for your feedback. I’ll pass this along to our writers for sure.