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Ingest H.265 streams into Wowza cloud

Can Wowza cloud ingest H.265 streams generated from ffmpeg with libx265? If so, which protocol (RTSP/DASH) needs to be used?

Hello @Uma Sagar M D, here is the spec sheet for Streaming Cloud and yes it can ingest a H.265 stream. The protocols are lists as well in the specs. Hope that helps!

@Rose Is there a link to documentation about how to configure the WSE to ingest H.265? Can it be supported over RTSP? If so, do we still send to port 1935?

Hi @Michael Williams. I am gathering some information for you. Can you let me know what protocol you plan to use to distribute the stream once we ingest it in H.265 over RTSP? This will help me give a more complete answer- thank you.

As far as an RTSP/H.265 workflow, Wowza can ingest the H.265 no problem on the 1935 port, you’ll see hte H.265 option In engine and would look something like this:


You can playback over H.265 with Streaming Engine as you can see here.

Keep in mind that if you need to transcode the H.265 for playback, you cannot do that in the Engine Manager- only in the xml file.

A problem you may run into is the number of players that support H.265, but you can VLC player

If you need to re-stream the RTSP, here is a doc on that:

I know that is a lot of docs, but I hope that helps for now @Michael Williams.