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Inject ID3/MetaData into Audio only Streams and maintain metadata throughout restream

-Description of work:

Primary Objective:

We currently encode audio only streams (Music) to our Wowza server using the Adobe Flash Live Encoder. We need our connecting client players to be able to display “Now Playing” information such as Artist and Song Title. Currently we encode MP3 audio over RTMP and then will be using Wowza transcoder to transcode that audio to AAC and re-streaming it via HLS, HDS and RTSP/RTP to support as many mobile device platforms as possible. Again these are Audio only streams. At some point in the process, either on the publishing client or direct calls to the Wowza server (ideally through HTTP) we need to inject metaData/ID3 tags which are the Artist, Title, Album Name, etc… We need this meta data to be in sync with the Audio so the connecting clients, whether they are flash player in browser, iOS app, Android app, etc… can read the metadata and display the “Now Playing” information.

Additional related work to be completed after primary:

We need analytics/reporting that will tell us how many listeners heard each “song”. So some how we need the injected metadata to be written into the server logs so we can tell what information was playing during what time and by how many listeners. This is a secondary project to the primary one but may need to be taken into consideration when setting up the metadata injection.


We are on a very tight schedule and would like to try and have this in place by the end of August or early September.

  • Budget:

No specific budget. I am a developer myself but do not have time to finish this in the time frame required so we are looking for assistance.