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Inject Timed ID3 Tags into HLS

I’m interested in using Wowza Streaming Cloud for live enterprise streaming where it’s common to use synchronized Powerpoint slides with streaming audio or video.

It’s easy enough to inject slide change commands (using onTextData events) into a live stream with AMS or WSE and then push that stream to the WSC ingest server. The resulting distributed HDS and RTMP streams will contain the slide change commands and everything works great.

What I’d like to know if there’s a way to get those onTextData events converted to timed ID3 tags for HLS streams. I know it’s possible with WSE using a module based on this example:

But is there a way to get this same functionality with WSC?

If not, I’d like to suggest it as a feature request.




At this stage we do not have this capability within Wowza Streaming Cloud, however, I will submit a feature request on your behalf.

This will enter the “backlog” and be reviewed by the development team and they will determine if/when they would add this to the roadmap.

We appreciate your input and please know that we value feature requests from our customers. This helps make our product even better.



(backlog request #160111)

That is excellent feedback Gary.

We appreciate it very much.




From what I see in the backlog request, they are open to the feature, however, other pieces have to be implemented prior to developing this. I do not have any timeline to provide you at this time.

Thank you for checking up on this.



Thanks, Mac. If it were implemented, there are a lot of corporate users who would find this capability to be very useful, or even essential. Smaller enterprise users with less frequent needs would benefit the most since it’s not feasible for small shops to set up their own Wowza Streaming Engine.

Perhaps implementation could be as easy as offering WSC users a choice of two live applications – one for a “normal” live stream, and one for live video with injected timed metadata.



Related to this, we would be interested in being able to inject ID3 in HLS using the WSC API.

It would allow, for instance, to inject advertisement on demand.

Do you think it is a feature that may come in WSC ?



Hello, has ID3 tag support been added to Streaming Cloud yet?