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Injected cuepoints into live stream not persisting on recorded file

I inject cuepoints into a live stream using a server-side module that is triggered from the client-side. I then capture the injected cuepoints from the recorded video file using custom code. On 3.6.4, this was not an issue, but it is now an issue for Wowza 4.x. On Wowza 4.x, it seems that the data is being sent into the data packet of the live stream, but not being persisted into the video recording.

I am recording to an MP4 container.

I follow this as the baseline example:

Please assist. Thanks.


Do ensure that you have 'Record Data" enabled for the recording method that you are using.

If recording through the Manager then use this.


That was it. I enabled Record Data from the admin UI for my app and it’s working again. Thanks.

Thanks for the update and the fix.