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Insert pre-roll VOD before switching to live stream


This has been asked several times over the years, but worth bringing back to see if anything has got better over time: I would like to playback an ad for every user who joins an on going live stream. This is not the usual preroll story, where the video has to loop before the live stream starts. This has to come even if someone wants to join in the middle of the live stream.

My idea to implement this would be spinning up a new Stream on demand for every single user with a playlist that consists of the vod file and then switch over to the live stream.

Although my fear is that with a lot of users these extra Streams would consume significant resources as Wowza would not be able to understand that they share the same outgoing live stream.

Can you please share your thoughts on this approach and suggest a better alternative way to achieve this? Is there any way to create on-demand streams dynamically by the way based on incoming requests to non-existing streams?