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Insert preroll ad in RTSP / HLS / SmoothStreaming


I knew from previous post that it’s possible to insert preroll advertisement before main video. However, the method (using AMFDataItem) applies to RTMP only, and the other, with the help of scheduled videolist, is too unstable. In my case, RTSP / HLS / SmoothStreaming have to be supported as well. Would there be any means to tackle this problem?


There isn’t a way to do pre-roll across client types at present, for live or on demand streaming. The scheduler is not a solution anyway because it cannot play the clip first per viewer. It can play a clip intermittently, but not as the first thing the user sees.


It is a future feature, but I don’t have a time frame. There is not a low-level api either at present.

The only way to do this at present is client-side. In Flash RTMP it is straightforward if you are developing the player: the client plays a static video, listens for “NetStream.Play.Stop” notification in the NetStream.onPlayStatus handler, then plays the live stream.

This is an iOS client-side work-around

Similar can be done with a Silverlight player, but there is not a solution like that for RTSP.


Sorry, we don’t have a server-side solution for this at present.


Pre-roll for on demand RTSP playback is not supported at present. It only works with RTMP.


It does work in VLC 2.1.1 in my test with rtmp connection/stream.

I happened to have a h.264 webcam recording setup to switch with sample.mp4, which Flash was able to handle well but VLC did not switch and display well. It played but wasn’t watchable. When I only used sample.mp4, there was no problem. I.e. the different clips you use with this method have to be very similar. Ideally the video and audio codecs should be identical. Otherwise, you will have to test with your content. This is a client problem, Wowza has no problem switching between clips with different audio and video encoding details, as long as within supported specs.


Pre-roll for on demand RTSP playback is not supported at present. It only works with RTMP.


Hi Richard

Pre-roll for advertisement before live HLS playback is supported at present?

Thank you.


Did something change in that matter? Is it possible to have pre-roll video


Thank you

Thanks, I know that specific article. But it is not clear to me - if I connect to RTMP stream via VLC it will still give pre-roll or do I need to use flash client mandatory?

I see. Thank you!

Will it be supported in the near future? Any ways, even very low level api, to do something before wowza actually sends video data to users?

Is it possible to add video data into the stream, perhaps like IMediaStream.addVideoData? If so, in which situtations it would work?