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Inserting cue points for Brightcove player


We are trying to insert cue points using this article on wowza forum

We want to detect this on the brightcove smart player that plays rtmp. Since brightcove rtmp uses the following structure:

metadata stored with cue point

name assigned to cue point

time in seconds where cue point is stored

numeric type of cuepoint

videoid of the media that cue point is associated with

How do we pack this info inside injectMetadata function on server side? So instead of flash client, we have to generate a event (some call to action) inside a brightcove player. The alternative we are thinking to injectMetadata is extremely messy. So if you can help us resolve in the above way (using injectMetadata), nothing like it.

Thanks in advance.



Can someone help us out with our query? The workaround we will have to put in action is too cumbersome and not at all accurate. Should I re-post this in the comments section of the main article - “How to inject cue and meta points




This works with custom Flash RTMP clients. If your player is Flash RTMP and you can modify the source, you can handle these cuepoints.