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Installing wowza streaming engine version 4.4.1


Currently we are using wowza streaming engine version 4.4.1 in our production environment. we are in the process to upgrade to current latest version 4.7.1.

So, in order to not directly upgrade in production environment from 4.4.1 to 4.7.1. I was trying to install
version 4.4.1 first in my local pc with the free trial license from wowza and later upgrading to version 4.7.1. But I’m getting “The license key you entered is not valid” this message. I was able to ping wowza license server and no restrictions from my local pc.

My understanding is free 30day license key will work with any versions of wowza streaming engine.

Any suggestions? appreciate your help.


New keys may not work on older Wowza versions. You should be able to obtain a R&D license key connected to your paid key. To do so, please login to your Wowza portal and go to the My Downloads tab.


Hi Michelle,

Appreciate your response. I tried login to MyDownloads tab of our paid wowza portal, but i don’t see a placeholder to obtain R&D license key. Please advise.


You can also request an R&D license at the following page.

Thanks Kevin, appreciate your help. Worked as expected.