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Integrate with ASP.Net

Hello Folks,

We are developing a video streaming web site. We are almost done, than we came to know that for good quality of Streaming we need a Streaming Server like Wowza. So Is there any way that we can use ASP.Net with Wowza because our site almost ready with ASP.Net / C#.

Thanks in Advance.

Jaimin Patel


Absolutely. Take a look at the HTML pages in the [wowza-install-dir]/examples folders. Any of these can be generated by a .net server.


Yes. Using JW Player, for example, the “streamer” Flashvar is the rtmp url. Here’s a forum post about using JW Player with Wowza

Also read the Quickstart Guide and at least the first six chapters of the Wowza User Guide.


Yes, you can use server pages to build html containers for your player, and you can use web services to interface with Wowza server:



How do I Pass Video URL to SWF ?

e.g. how to Pass rtmp://localhost/fastplay to SWF as FlashVar?


Can i integrate aspnet flash vedio wowza serve?