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Integration between sharepoint 2013 server and wowza media server

I am using video js player on my sharepoint portal to play the videos stored on wowza media server. It was working perfectly in sharepoint 2010. Now I am trying to do the same in sharepoint 2013 but the video player is not able to play the videos stored on wowza. If I am storing any video on local sharepoint, it works but not for wowza videos. Am I missing any setting?


To clarify, when using the built-in Sharepoint HTML5 video player, playback works for you, but when using video.js player code with the Wowza URLs hosted on your Sharepoint site, playback is not working for you? Does the video.js player code work on a non-Sharepoint hosted site? Does the Wowza URL work with a different player?

Also, this does not look to be related to the REST API. I am moving this to the appropriate sub-forum.