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intercept stream and inference on video


I have a requirement to apply analytics on received stream and restream after inferencing on stream/video. So I wan to intercept stream and apply AI to detect object and draw bounding box on stream/image and re-encode to restream for subscriber. Subscriber can see video with object detected bounding box. I should be able to extract audio from video and save Audio and video in MP4 format on file system or in Azure cloud.

Sorry, I am new to media server so please bear with me.

Please suggest me how can I do that and would I have to create new Wowza project/module or what will be best approach for the same.


That’s a pretty specific, advanced workflow so I would suggest submitting a support ticket to see if Wowza could assist you in building that or you can also try posting in Hire A Consultant here in the forums. That will indeed require some custom work and we have no sample code on that unfortunately.